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Bishop Woosley served in the lottery industry for over eleven years. He spent the last eight as director of the Office of the Arkansas Lottery. During this time he wore many hats: NASPL President, Mega Millions Group Chair, MUSL Legal Committee Chair, Chief Legal Counsel, and Procurement Director. In 2020 he was inducted into the Lottery Hall of Fame. 

Throughout his lottery career, Bishop forged many relationships with lottery directors, vendors, and large chain retailers. As a consultant, WGA will leverage their relationships and experience to assist clients with access to important decision-makers and advise them on how to best position products and innovations within the industry.

In addition, Bishop offers a legal and procurement background that can assist in the creation of and responses to important major procurement documents.

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W. Bishop Woosley, Principal

Woosley Gaming Advisors, LLC

About Us



We provide consulting services to state lotteries and members of the vendor community with an emphasis to help existing and emerging vendors gain access to lottery directors and major chain retailers for business development. 

We are a full-service gaming consulting company specializing in the following areas:

  • EDO - Executive Door Opener

  • Major chain initiative launches

  • Business development

  • Policy development

  • Retail and vendor management and relations

  • Major procurement drafting

  • Major contract negotiations

  • Sales strategies

  • Advertising and marketing strategies

  • Legal analysis

  • Crisis management and governmental and public relations

To better serve our clients, we will soon have affiliations with a major Arkansas law firm, video production company and a national business accounting, audit and audit firm.

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Campbell Ward is a bi-partisan, state and federal public affairs and public relations firm

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W. Bishop Woosley, Principal
Woosley Gaming Advisors, LLC

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